About placeARTS Youth Collective

Seed the tools of Art and Design into the hands of youth and support them in being the agents of change in their communities. This is the intention of the placeARTS Youth Collective.

placeARTS is about developing art practices that are place-based, drawing inspiration from the land, and communities that inhabit places, and being responsive to the same. The youth that form this collective are between the age of 13 – 25 and come from the Baiyapanahalli, Wahab Gardens, MRS Palaya, Vayalikaval, LBS Nagar, Hosekerehalli, Amar Jyoti and  Sudham Nagar communities in Bangalore.

Artists, designers, ecologists and other experts come in and out of the collective as and when youth have an idea that needs expert advice, skill or facilitation to move forward. Through this format, the intention is to learn process as needed and develop a toolkit of ways to engage creatively with place.

The placeARTS Youth Collective is currently facilitated by faculty from the Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology and artists that are invited into the project. Financial support for this project is from Herman Miller Cares.

The community organization and mobilization of youth is supported by the Association for Voluntary Action (AVAS) and the Dwarakanath Reddy Institutes for Knowledge (DRIK Foundation).


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