Water Stories at Cubbon Park Metro Station

Place Arts collaborated with Art in Transit to execute this mural at the Cubbon Park Metro Station Over the past four months, Art in Transit, in collaboration with Biome, has gathered stories and processes around Bangalore’s water
to make the practice of recharge wells, visible.
Cubbon Park Metro Station
The project, supported by the Bangalore Sustainability Forum,  is a collaboration with ecological design experts Biome Environmental Solutions, who conceived the initiative “One Million Wells for Bengaluru”. The movement’s main objective has been to enable households across the city to conform to the rainwater-harvesting bylaw that mandates rainwater harvesting as well as to provide the option of digging a recharge well to allow for excess rainwater to recharge groundwater systems.
Well-diggers from Bangalore are digging 65 recharge wells in Cubbon Park. Art in Transit has collaborated with Jackson Porretta from designEARTH and the Eco Echo placeARTS Youth Collective to harvest the various colours of mud from Cubbon Park recharge wells, formulating them into mud paint, and paint a mural depicting the water stories of Bengaluru.
well diggers


mud paint


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