Vayalikaval Mural 2

By Vijay Kumar with Vayalikaval team (Santosh, Venkatesh, Shiva and Yelumalai) February 2018

The concept of this mural was developed by Vijay Kumar and he played the role of manager in this group. The concept focuses on saving trees. The mural shows the advantages of trees for man. For example: People use trees as a resource and make furniture from the wood for their own use and to earn money. This is good for people but bad for trees and eventually this affects future generations because how will the survive with such few trees.

The mural also show how trees are used as resource by different tribal communities. Tribal people use the resource of trees, they interact with trees and they make tools to hunt animals, but they don’t cut trees. They use broken branches from trees for their tools.

In developing the style of this mural I created one tree and used two different styles for the branches to show the above concept.

I divided the wall into two parts. On half of the wall I showed the advantages of trees for people. In the second half of the wall I show how trees can gain from man. On the first half, I show some branches looking dry and cut. In the second half, the branches look healed and green.

In our reflection of the process, we realize that all the community people like this concept and also gave us good feedback. We had many small children painting with us. This was a good experience for me in managing the project and also developing my drawing skills.

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