Vayalikaval Mural 1

Vyalikaval Aquaponics Mural – December 2017

An Aquaponics System is a developed system for growing plants by fertilizing them with the water that fishes live in. it is a sustainable closed system, that combines aquaculture and hydroponic gardening. It is an innovative and productive way to grow organic vegetables, greens, herbs and fruits.

We really like this concept of growing plants and have set up a basic aquaponics garden at Vayalikaval. We also planned a mural showing this process behind the Vyalikaval Community Center. The mural is a simple introduction to the science of aquaponics. One that can be understood by all the community members. In this mural we would like to help people create a connection to the nature.


This mural aims at creating awareness of nature, and shows the eco system and its functions.

Vijaykumar designed the mural.


Reflections from the graoup

  • In this mural I did more detailing works, which includes scale, color and style. Along with this, I did my best to support my team and helped with coordination.

Yelumalai. S


  • I created the mural concept ,I usually like to draw but this time I worked on improving my painting skills and color contrast. I also learnt management skill.

Vijay Kumar


  • This time it was good team work. We all took turns leading and we also enjoyed more. I did my best to support the team. In this process we also learnt some science.

Santhosh C


  • Through this mural I learnt more group work skills and coordination. In mural I really enjoyed and explored my creativity.


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