Vertical Garden and Aquaponics System

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Our intention:

Our intention has been to introduce a new system of gardening to our community people. Over the last 4 months we have been teaching biology and botany to all age group of people in our community. We started with segregating wet and dry waste and reviving the old compost system we had many years ago. We work with the dry waste to make small planters with children in the community and in our garden beds we have started  growing plants (vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Our intention has been to slowly make people enjoy and be inclined to participate in keeping a community garden in our space.

Our Process:
Over the past month we have been preparing the designs for  a structure of a metal vertical garden frame. First we visited Vinay who is an aquaponics expert and Jackson who knows about structures and vertical gardens. We prepared a time line and budget for this project.  We bought the required materials from the wholesale market. The  Green Chakra group helped up with the purchase of the metal for the frame. We learned  how to weld, cut, grind and finish the frame from a workshop with Vivek Chokalingam and the Green Chakra group. Through the process we faced problems related to measurements and building participation and safety for the community children.

Feed back from the community:
Chinnakannan, one of the community leaders said “These young leaders are doing great work for community. They are creating a green Eden. This is amazing! Great work”.
We are very happy with the process as well as the community support we have got and there involvement in the process. We are sharing our 100%  knowledge with community member, children and youth.


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