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Eco Echo PlaceArts Youth Collective got an opportunity to work with (Art)ScienceBLR and Earth CoLab where we were exposed to different methods that could be used as tools of inquiry for exploring different spaces. The workshop was held outside Bangalore in and around farmland near Hosur.

After introductions and intensions of the workshop were shared, we collected samples of what we though were sites were micro organisms would exist.  We collected samples of soil/water/plants/insects that we found interesting.

We looked at the samples under different microscopes and then decided to grow some of the bacteria in the samples we collected.  We made agar plates and learned how to carefully grow bacterial samples in a home kitchen to look at the microbial diversity in the samples that were collected.










We then learned  how to build our own DIY microscopes from webcams. We did this by taking the webcams apart and flipping the lens.  In order to make a stage to keep the sample and move it up and down to zoom in and out, we had to scavenge around the grounds and find materials to build it.





















Some of the soil samples which we collected from the farm were used to make soil chromatographs.  To study the organic matter in the soil.








During our closing session we discussed what the possibilities were with the tools we were learning and how we would like to take it forward in our communities and what next we could work on with them.

Tasneem and Shreyasi also shared their work and some of the projects done at Earth CoLab and (Art)ScienceBLR.







it was a great experience where we explored lots of things. Some of these ideas we already knew before but with different approach and techniques which opened up different possibilities. In the end we also spoke about how we want to take this work forward and use these tools in more creative ways with little more changes to address the particular issues or problems in each community.

Here is a link to (Art)ScienceBLR’s entry on the workshop.

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