Fence in progress…

The Baiyappanahali team has been wanting to transform the existing fence at Children Park for a very long time. The current fence is made from steel chain link and is too tall, broken in many places, used as a surface to store construction materials and is a bit of an eye sore.

The intension with the fence is to make it more interactive and multipurpose where people can play, engage, store their belonging in a more effective way. We are also trying to design a fence that breaks the common idea/mind-set of people who thinks that a fence is only use to divide a spaces, make it closed off and protective with a lack of accessibility.

To get started on our design and learning process, we found Vivek Chockalingam of Walk in Studio he is artist who works with waste metal and automobile parts. We invited him to work with us on this project.

Day 1

We began our day at Walk in Studio with Vivek trying to understand 2D and 3D aspects of design. We used only lines and made some 2D drawings on the paper and then later using the same 2D drawing we began converting them into 3D structures using barbeque sticks.

In the second part of we workshop we explored scrap metal and tried to understand the property and possibility of the material. We learnt to use the different machines for welding, grinding and cutting.

We learned a lot. We were exposed to a new medium where we tried to learn and get to know all the basics and it opened up our minds to think what the possibilities are. We also got to know everyone’s idea through sharing each other’s work.

Day 2

On the second day of the workshop we actually focused more on understanding form.  We worked with Vivek on a project where he already had a fixed idea of the final form.  Our task was to understand and make that form with the last workshop learning experience.

It was fun working on the installation where everyone got a chance to work on everything and at the same time learnt to work with all the machines and different techniques. In the end we were quite happy that we managed to finish the installation.


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