Considering an Aquaponics plant system in Vayalikaval

Update of ‘Waste is not Waste’ Project at Vyalikaval Community Center.

Community Meeting: The Vyalikaval team facilitated a community presentation and discussion with adults and children from the community on March 27th 2017. First we are downloaded some videos about how we can reuse waste materials and segregate wet and dry waste. We used the projector and showed the videos to the community for the purpose of awareness building. The response and feedback from the community is as follows:

  • If you need any technical help from us we will help you.
  • You do your best and we will give our best support.

The people of our area accepted what we discussed, especially the concept of segregation wet and dry waste and agreed to start this at their home.

The Vayalikaval team met with Vinal, a local expert in aquaponics gardening. They learnt about this system and are keen on experimenting with a food growing system in the Vayalikaval Community.   This was a great learning for us.

Aquaponics System: Aquaponics is a system of raising aquatic animals like fish, in tanks (aquaculture) in combinations with cultivating plants in water (hydroponics) in a symbiotic environment. Excretions from the aquatic animals accumulates in the water and is fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrifying bacteria initially into nitrites and subsequently into nitrates, which are utilized by the plants as nutrients, and the water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system. There is huge potential for science education with the children of the community.

On returning from a visit with Vinal, the team created a small prototype with children from the community. They were trying to figure out the best system for the walls in the community. The prototype was made out of PVC pipes and they tested the flow of water through the system. The next step is to develop a budget and materials list for the final system. Vinal has agreed to visit the community and plan the system with the team.

This update has been created by Yelumalai S., Santosh C. and VajayKumar M.

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