Art in Jungle


We got our second mural project from Mr. Nagaraja at Kabini wildlife reserve. We were really excited about this project because it would allow us to travel to the Kabini forest and we all have a love for nature.

The concept was based on the jungle and wild animals. Using a rough pencil drawing of the mural concept, we discussed details with Mr. Nagaraja about the final design and the implementation.

On approval we went to site and started with a basic chalk drawings. We started coloring the trees and animals on the different sides of the wall. It took us 3 hot and long days to finish the back wall with detailing. Then we started working on the front wall with more pattern and texture. We added animals to the front wall and designed it so that they appeared to be hiding behind the trees.

On the final day we painted a small seating area and wall with animals legs.

This was a a really special experience to work in the environment of bird and animal sounds instead of the hub bub of the city. We learned a lot about each member of the group and became better at using each others strengths and supporting each other in our weaknesses. We experimented with a variety of styles and expanded our individual styles. We worked in a very focused way on the same wall with 6 different voices from sometimes 7 in the morning to 2:00am at night. This definitely tested our patience but also made us realise that we have the ability to improve and do good work as an art and ecology group.

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