Baiyappanahalli Children Park’s Mural

we wanted to paint a mural in Baiyappanahalli children park because many of them were claiming the wall and getting into the military area which is not allowed to do and the same time we wanted make that wall more interactive to everyone as we have very less space in the park. so we decided  to make interactive mural by incorporating planters, black boards to write, puzzles, mirrors and etc.



finally we start projecting our mural design on the wall. it was a great experience and we had great time, community people were more exited and they also joined us specially children and youngster they found this was something new and fun to be part of it generally they don’t see or do this kind of activities in their day to day life.








then we had color workshop with Amitabh Kumar he is a professional muralist. it was a great learning experience during the workshop we experimented  with the colors and learnt how to handle the brushes  and painting techniques and same time we were stuck on coloring so it was great exposure to start the coloring the mural.








after the Amitabh’s workshop we jumped into the painting. we started individually just while working over there lots of people started joining us and children are more in numbers so we teach them how to paint and how to handle the brushes and they they all enjoyed it a lot and had great time with us.

the people who living across the park they were super happy see the new mural coming in made out by the same people who lives in their community. all the fast bike riders were slowing down their bike and looking at our mural so which automatically give the seclusion to fast bike riding in the streets of community it may be not a long time one.


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