Weaving Video: Putting Pieces Together

This post is about making my first short film on weaving, with Siddanth.


Having more understandings, particularly with weaving, I started making a short film on the weaving project with did with Sadhvi Akka at MG Road. I went through the process of selecting picture and video snippets from what we had documented already. In this video we wanted to show some of the techniques of weaving by hand. I was also keeping in mind that the film should speak visually, and selected pictures and videos in such a way that it shows the journey of the weaving process and our learning.

I have never made a film before and learned some film making techniques from Siddanth. The process also gave me a third persons view of how we express certain ideas and how those are carried by others. Moreover how do we convey our thoughts to the world.

The making of the film focused on the weaving techniques like- knotting, joining two fabrics together, colour combinations, the amount of pull you do to get the shape you wanted  and the visual effect you wanting to get.

I enjoyed working on a film, it was more of a learning to me than making.

Devika G






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