First Project Presentation Of Baiyappanahalli’s Children Play Park

In the Baiyappanahalli community we have decided to first work on reviving a children play park. Baiyappanahalli is a huge community and the only open space is this park. Many children used to hang out there and spend their time but now the entire park is broken. Although this is supposed to be a place for children many adults and youngsters, now spend most of their time here. Unfortunately they are smoking and drinking inside the park and because of this children are not allowed to go in there and instead play on the roads and streets of community.

The group of 4 of us Baiyapanahalli boys came up with the idea that we want to renovate the entire park and make it people friendly  for all. We would like anybody to come and spend their time here, be children, adults, youngsters, ladies, old people, everyone. We want to stop some unwanted activities which is make the park unused by most, yet design a space that each group feels they can use.

Here is our presentation that we have proposed to the community. We have also been conducting interviews of a variety of community members to get their ideas as we design the park.

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