Journals For Everyone!


Journals For Everyone!

We started our project by making our own journals where we can add our reflections and gather different ideas for the project.

Arzu sharing her journal

These journals are a space to combine art and words to express ourselves. They are not complex, but about self-expression. Arzu helped us to make our journals. They are made up of a basic accordion fold and one can collage, add extensions and transform them into very personal objects. Many members of the group were making hand-made journals for the first time so it was exciting and new for them to explore.

Although the basic structure is same for all the journals, each one had the freedom to decorate their journals and make them unique. The groups jumped at this opportunity and  finally there were some very elaborate journals. No one wanted to stop working on their journals and the entire session just went in a flash as we were making them.

Gautam is an expert at making journals and his journal was an inspiration to all. Arjun had the knack of making the covers and so was helping everyone with theirs.

Gautam's Journal
Gautam’s Journal
Making journals

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