Applications Coming In

Application for placeARTS youth collective are coming in, in many forms. Akbar has shared his ideas below in English, Arjun in a combination of Kannada and drawing and Gautham in his beautiful drawing style.

What is your vision for your community?

  • My vision towards my community is my community should be famous like MG road, indiranagar, malleshwaram etc. most of the people in Bangalore knows those places very well and visited as well but how many people know my community and how many of them visited to my community? As those places have their own identity and specialities like that I want to bring out those identity and specialities of my communities.
  • As I noticing in my community the youngsters are addicted to smoke and alcohol. Most of them know the effect and causes of that but till they are doing that even seeing the adds of government on the TV, radio, posters, warning on the packets of the product. I want to do sometime creative to solve this issue make my community smoke free and alcohol free.
  • In my community our houses are very small and there is no space for growing plants and trees. There is no garden in our community to spend some time with nature so I want to introduce some planting techniques like bottle planters hanging gardens etc. so my community will be fully covered with green and my community people can building their personal connections with nature.
  • My community is wasting natures gifts for example wasting of rain water and throwing the edible waste so I want make my community to make best of those natures gifts.

What creative activities and strengths do you bring to this group?

My strengths:

  • Model and sculpture making
  • working on different designing software (auto cad, Google sketch up, Photoshop, micro soft office, eclipse, scratch, adobe premiere pro)
  • acting
  • computer knowledge
  • mural painting
  • reclining waste materials (bottle planters, storage product, art works)
  • sand and soil casting
  • photography
  • films
  • documentation skills
  • book making (digitally, hand)
  • team work
  • doing researching work
  • presentation skills
    Arjun shares his vision for Sanyasigunte

    gauwtham 2
    Gautam shares the skills he will bring to placeARTS collective

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